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Welcome to Radio Museum

I am Sandor Perneky, private collector and the owner of the Old Radios of Verőce (Radio Museum) exhibition.
I opened the museum of old radios in June in 2009. I had visitors and guests from different parts of the country, from a lot of European countries and from other continents as well. Please browse to your liking, visit my page sometimes and you can see my new radios and other devices, you can get new informations too. Amongst of the exhibited devices there's some special device which has been produced just in a few number of pieces. Some of these you can view here in my museum. In my experience, visitors in the past few years whose came here directly or accidentally, leaves the exhibition with special treats. Many writings in the guest book is the proof of that, and the fact that a lot of people come back again with their friends and relatives.

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